Sandra Molinari is an immigrant who was born and raised in Brazil where she was first licensed to practice law, and acquired her experience in family, consumer, election and administrative law.

Although, she has left her country, she didn’t leave behind her passion for practicing law. She truly believes in the value of her knowledge and the sense of justice to help people to have their rights protected under the law.

As a dedicated family woman and as an immigrant, Sandra Molinari has the compassion and the sensibility of these issues which you may face. These two issues are usually interrelated. Sandra Molinari will not only work for your legitimate rights, but also will minimize, as much as possible, the emotional impact that they may bring on you.

When you call the Molinari Law Firm L.L.C. in Bloomington, IL, you will receive the highest quality of legal service Sandra Molinari can provide because she cares about you and your family. The Molinari Law Firm L.L.C. will provide to you a personalized service. At Molinari Law Firm L.L.C. you are not just a number; you are a person who will receive the best attention we can professionally provide for you.

Whether it is a matter pertaining to family, such as divorce, custody, support, alimony, property division, domestic violence, or to immigration, such as obtaining a visa or defending you against deportation. At Molinari Law Firm L.L.C., Sandra Molinari will always strive to ensure that under the law you, your family, or your employees can have their full rights protected.

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