Immigration cases can be extremely complex and confusing, with potential delays and complications that can significantly affect your life and your ability to earn a living, but the Molinari Law Firm will address any issues as they arise to ensure the most favorable and timely results for your immigration case because Molinari Law Firm L.L.C. is committed to helping immigrants and their families.

The goal of our law firm is to ensure that we handle any immediate problems while ensuring your long-term immigration goals are achieved. The Molinari Law Firm will be more than glad to be on your side in cases involving employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, as well as a range of other services.

Whether you are trying to become a permanent resident, facing deportation, or have any other concerns, we will work to protect your rights and keep you, your family members, or your employees legally in United States. At Molinari Law Firm L.L.C. no matter what your case entails, you can expect careful and personalized attention to details; meticulous preparation for your case;regular updates on new developments in your case; detailed explanations of the legal issues in your case; and exploration of various avenues to resolve your case. Schedule a free consultation with us right away when you need legal representation for:


  • Helping your business with employment-based immigration petitions and H-1B visa applications;
  • Applying for and obtaining an L-1 visa for executives or managers;
  • Applying for a green card based on an extraordinary ability or a National Interest Waiver;
  • Obtaining a permit to work in the U.S.;
  • Receiving a student visa;
  • Receiving a tourist or other temporary visitor visa;
  • Seeking asylum protections for you or withholding of removal;
  • Applying for a green card based on your spouse or fiancé who is a U.S. citizen;
  • Seeking an immigration waiver in your case due to past criminal convictions, immigration violations, fraud, or other allegations;
  • Helping you with any other issues related to visas, green cards, work permits, citizenship, and any other immigration-related matters.




At Molinari Law Firm L.L.C, we understand that family law cases are uniquely stressful and often take a heavy emotional toll on families. Family legal matters and courtroom proceedings are rarely easy, and without competent legal representation, they are even harder.Make sure when drawn-out legal battles over time with your child, your finances, and even your home you are fully protected by being represented for a compassionate and competent attorney who can understand how sensitive is the subject and emotions tied to those matters.

At Molinari Law Firm L.L.C. you will find an attorney who will work hard to make a difficult time a little easier by ensuring that your interests are protected and that your case’s outcome has a smoother resolution. Schedule a free consultation with us right away when you need legal representation for:

  • Adoption
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Juvenile Law
  • Division of Marital Assets
  • Post-Separation Support
  • Injunctions for Protection




Usually, a civil case involves conflicts between people or business institutions. If you were harmed by the action of another person or institution you may be entitled to damages (money compensation). However, when money damage cannot be measured, or would not make you whole, equitable remedies would be available. Equitable remedies may be available as follows:

Specific Performance: if there is a valid contract to sell a unique item, an item of great sentimental value, or a real state, under those scenarios, the court, by its discretion, may enter an order to the promisor that he undertake the performance for which he obligated himself in a contract.

Injunction: If you are looking to require or prevent someone from doing something, you may need an injunction as equitable remedy. Usually, an injunction may be seeking to refrain a former employee to compete when he and the employer have entered into a non-compete contract. Be aware, however, that the injunction equitable remedy may also be sought under the Nuisance doctrine when other unreasonable and substantially interferes in your right to the use and enjoyment of your own property or the property you are in possession. Injunction is also available in cases of first refusal where the seller promises to give to the buyer the right to be the first one to buy the property when the seller decides to sell it. The Right of first refusal is available when there the parties agreed with the First Refusal clause in a valid contract of a parcel of real estate or a unique work of art, but the seller, in breach of a written promise, offers the thing to a third party. In that case, the court may issue an Injunction Order enjoining the seller from selling the property to the third party.

Restitution: Restitution is a remedy applicable to several different types of cases: those in which the contract was avoided because of incapacity or misrepresentation, those in which the other party breached, and those in which the party seeking restitution breached. Restitution is also available upon repudiation of an oral contract governed by the Statute of Frauds, the non-breaching party is not entitled to her expectation interest, but she may recover in restitution unless the purpose of the statute would be frustrated. When one party avoids a contract owing to lack of capacity, mistake, misrepresentation, duress, or the like, she is entitled to restitution for benefit conferred on the other party. Or if a contract duty is discharged or never arises because (1) performance was impracticable, (2) the purpose of the contract was frustrated, (3) a condition did not occur, or (4) a beneficiary disclaimed his benefit. However, restitution is awarded only to the extension of the benefit conferred from the injured party to the non-injured party. Basically, it is a remedy designed to protect parties against unjustly enriched.

Declaratory judgment: If looking to have your rights determined under a contract or statute even before starting to litigate with the opposing party, you may seek a declaratory judgment.

If you are facing any of those issues, Molinari Law Firm, L.L.C. would be happy to stand by your side to represent your best interest under the law.




Nobody is perfect, so if you made a bad decision in the past, or did one of those mistakes that youths usually make, and it is there seated on your criminal record, making the dreamed job, unobtainable, you should look for legal advice regarding the possibility to expunge or seal your criminal record. Under Illinois law with a sealed or expunged record, you can honestly tell others, including prospective employers, that you do not have a criminal record. However, having a criminal record expunged and having it sealed are not the same thing. When an arrest is expunged from an individual’s criminal record, it is erased from the record. A sealed record, on the other hand, still exists, but it can only be accessed by law enforcement, the court, and selected employers. Sealed records may only be accessed through a court order. In Illinois, an arrest that did not result in a conviction may be expunged from an individual’s record. If the arrest did result in a conviction, the record may be sealed, depending on the nature of the conviction. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. If an individual’s conviction is reversed, he or she may have it expunged from his or her record. An individual who is pardoned by the governor may also expunge his or her conviction. Most types of arrests may be expunged from an individual’s record if it did not result in his or her conviction. Certain arrests and charges cannot be expunged, regardless of whether the individual was convicted. These include:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI);
  • and Sexual offenses involving minors.

Records of many types of conviction can be sealed, but not all. Convictions that cannot be sealed include:

  • Class 1, 2, and X felonies;
  • Animal offenses, such as dog fighting;
  • Domestic battery; and
  • Violation of an Order of Protection

If you are facing issues caused by one of those bad decisions of the past, let Molinari Law Firm, L.L.C. help you feel like you have a “blank slate” and a renewed reputation moving forward.




Molinari Law Firm is also able to represent clients in Brazilian’s civil matters at any Brazilian’s agency, courts, or consulates. If you are American or Brazilian who is facing a legal or administrative matter at one or both of those countries, Molinari Law Firm, L.L.C. is the right company to help you out. Molinari Law Firm can help you in United States or Brazil by providing the following legal services:

  • Advising, or applying for tourist; fiancé, business, or work visa;
  • Registering foreign marriage;
  • Drafting Brazilian Power of Attorney;
  • Drafting Brazilian Contracts;
  • Litigating in Dissolution of Marriage;
  • Child Custody;
  • Child Support;
  • Recognition of Foreign Judgment;
  • Analyzing contracts under both countries law;
  • Negotiating contracts and other matters between both countries; and
  • Others
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